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Horses In Kelantan

Highlight of Horses In Kelantan

Pantai Irama Bachok, Kelantan Darulnaim was once again the venue for 2004 Pesta Sukan Berkuda Kelantan in conjunction with Sultan of Kelantan Birthday. As many as 200 horses taking part in the event.
Our collegues from Polis Bukit Aman, Pasukan Berkuda DBKL, Tentera Darat, Persatuan Equin Malaysia, Malaysian Horse Breeding Centre Ipoh , etc are taking parts in this year pesta.
We can see that this time, the 2004 Pesta Berkuda created a milestone of sorts what will forever change the Kelantan Equestrian scene.
The bareback riders took up the challange after about few hours of coaching on show jumping and horse ball techniques to tackle a full course of 6 obstacles the next day - bareback and barefeet.
The event went on for 3 days with great success
will continue....

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