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Resort Kesihatan Homeopathy, Kelantan

Homeopathic Health Resort
The Natural Health Resort in Kelantan, Malaysia

Introduction To Our Resort & Health Care Hospital

About 50 yaers ago this present grounds of 10 acres of land were more than abandoned paddy field, rubber trees and shrubby forest. Since 1999 Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar and a group of nature lovers from The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture have natured the forset back to life into a serene and holistic Natural Health Resort which was besd on the concept of Open International University style.

Today FAHOM and RIMAC at Taman Universiti, Kampong Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia has aworld wide reputation as a centre of excellent Natural holistic and complementary medical centre and a big homeopathic medical college which include the treatment and stduies of all the alternative and complementary medicines such as:-

Naturopathy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Shiatu, Iridology, Hebalist, Cupping ( bekam), Laser Therapy, Infra Red Therapy, Thai Massage, Sauna Bath, etc.

This lowland paddy field, rich with plethora of flora and fauna of kampong, is enhanced by the unique atmosphere of quiet, serenity and peace will certainly to calm your heart as you visit this place.

The variety of facilities such as resting huts, gazebo, fish ponds, fruit farms, herbarium, chalets and dormitory are provided for your comforts.

Perhaps this is the only health Resort of it kind in Kelantan or in Malaysia where all form of alternative medicines are available in one roof.

We Welcome You to To Our Special Place

Selamat datang

We welcome you to Homeopathic Health Resort
We have prepared a special plce for you and your family, a natural, spiritual and friendly healing place where you and your family can wash and clean awy all your stress and tension in bigs cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, New York or Paris.

This is the palec for you to heal your pain and cure all your problem through our special method of natural therapy such as Homeopathy treatment , acupuncture therapy, reflexology, accupresuure, aromatherapy, etc.

A Typical Kelantanese Kampong

Amid the lush typical Kelantanese village and simple style houses Homeopathic Health Resort and its satff welcome you to this Kampong Kolam, Gelang Mas, pasir Mas. All of us didicated to pampering you feel ralax and good.

Each and every aspect of our program is designed to make you, your family, your father of mother comfort and comfortable while staying with us.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make you and your famliy at Homeopathic Health Resort a memorable part of your 'Visit Kelantan Year'this year.

Facilities At Homeopathic Health Resort.

Some of the facilities available at our Resort are:-
Nik Omar Homeopathic Hospital, Homeopathic College, Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture, All the major alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, Chinese Acupuncture, Reflexology, Herbalist, Magneto Therapy, Laser Therapy, Osteopathy, Homeopathic Orthopedic, Cupping ( Bekam), Islaimc medicine, Iridology, Accupressure, Thai Massage, etc.

Nothing to worry about, we promise to give best services to all our patient and customers. We will provide all the specilities therapy according to the patient's need.
We will never give unnecessary treatment to all our patient.
If we cannot treat the patient we will refer the patient direct to government hospital ( In Case of Emegency )

Other Facilities are:-
Rent a bicycle, rent a car, 4 fish ponds, a siber cafe, a library, hostel for student and tourist, fruits farms, bird watching, a van for travelling, etc.

Health Store & CO-Op Shop

At any time you may get your facilities for cooking at our Health Stores where you may get rice, cooking oils, chicken, fish, meat, vegetable, mineral water at reasonable price.

Homoepathic & Acupuncture Courses

Our patient or customer who wish to join short homeopathic or acupuncture course may do so at any time. The shortest coures availabe is one week or 42 credit hours.
Kindly ask the registar

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For Acupuncture Courses

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Selamat Datang Ke Kelantan
Welcome to Kelantan, Malaysia.

Our Address:

No.122 Open University Garden
Kampong Gelang Mas,
Pasir Mas 17010
Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel: 09-7972948 or KL 03-26926549 or HP 012-9554975
Our E mail:

We are in Service for last 32 Years ( 1970-2002 )
We are The Biggest and the Best Homeopathy in Malaysia
Perhaps we are the biggest homeopathic college in Malaysia with 10 acres of campus compound
We are the first founded The Registerd Homeopathic Medical Practitiners
We are the fist who started Doctor Withour Barriers, served all over the world.
We had organised more than 22 Homeopathic & Acupuncture International or National Seminars and Conference in Malaysia.
We are proud that International Homeopathic Community has chosen Malaysia as the Centre of Homeopathic learning
We are proud to be Malaysian.
Malaysia is one of the best country in the world, where we live peacefully, happy and harmony.
All of you are welcome to Malaysia. Selamat Datang.