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Purebred Arabian

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Endurance 2005

This year 5 of our horses are ready for the Royal Kelantan Endurance Ride 2005. But unfortunately that due to shortage of time, only two of our horses are taking part in this 2005 Endurance.
We salute to our Arabien Haus Binti Nadiika and Jamilah, both of them has completed 40km.
This is the first time that our Gelang Mas Team has taken part in this
CEI / FEI prestige Endurance Ride 2005
Here are some of the photos..

Team Gelang Mas Arabian
23-24 Sept 2005 Royal kelantan Endurance Ride

Arabian Haus Binti Nadiika
Our young rider, Mr Pak Yee

Dr Hajjah Zaharah Nik Omar
The owner of Nadiika

Dr Nik Omar & Nik Badrul
at Royal Kelantan Endurance Ride 2005

Jamillah is the Kelantanese Pony
The Rider is Mr Che Ok

About 150 horses taking parts..
15km, 40 km , 85 km & 120 km

Pak Yee riding Arabien Haus Binti Nadiika has been very successful in his endurance rides. He started riding at the age of 8 years and twice becoming champion in local 'Lumba Kuda' around Kelantan State.


cooling time

Purebred Arabian - Pasir Mas, Malaysia